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Within Migreat! timelines are used to group products within a project that follow the same process and have a dependency. For example an application is moved towards a new platform. Normally first the development environment is moved and once successful the production environment follows next within the same project but following a different timetable.

A project can have 1 or more timelines depending on the complexity that can host one or more products that are changed within that specific timeline.
When a project is created using a template a “baseline” timeline already exists which can be adjusted. Regardless of a baseline exists additional or new timelines can be added to the project allowing you to show progress and dependency’s.

The process to create a(n) (additional) timeline is:
1) Navigate to the project that requires the timeline – Click on the projectname:
1 - Aanmaken Nieuw Tijdlijn
2) Click on “add new timeline”:
2 - Aanmaken Nieuw Tijdlijn
3) Provide the new timeline with a proper name and provide the every phase with the right start and enddate (attention! the end date of each phase automatically determines the start date of the next phase)
3 - Aanmaken Nieuw Tijdlijn
4) Click “Submit” to add the timeline to the project

Once the timeline has been created the process within this timeline can start by filling out the steps in the stepform. Per timeline project members can differ but this is not required. Products and Approvals can be linked to a project.

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