We are Promigion.
Your IT Migration Factory!

We bring you best practices and experience in the area of IT Migration projects and process improvements for both large enterprises as well as medium and smaller sized businesses. Based upon our experience we’ve developed our own methodology, allowing our clients to migrate IT components successfully, transparent and efficient.



Setup the framework

Configure the software

Execute the Migration



Hit the floor running!

Afraid your deadlines are not being met? Worried about available knowledge or resources?

Promigion ensures you can directly tap into our Migration Factory. Besides our own resources we are linked to a large network of specialists to serve your specific needs. Due to this you are able to start you migration within weeks rather than losing months of preparation and sourcing.

Predictable Migrations

Discussions about numbers? Wrong versions of the Excel progress file? Not able to steer on periodic outcome? Migreat! creates full transparancy.

From experience we’ve learned proper stakeholder management on all levels is the key to succesful migrations. It’s not just the projectmanager, the PMO or the Steerco that wants to know what the progress is. Our proven methods resulted in our tool called MiGreat! supporting projects, programs and portfolio’s with full transparency. This transparency will force the right discussions and create maximal acceptance of the project results.

Guarantee for Success

With our proven methods and experience we are able to guarantee a successful outcome for every project.

Nothing is more important for an organisation than finishing it’s project within the set and agreed boundaries. Unfortunately we’ve seen a lot of projects fail due to lack of transparency, lack of stakeholdermanagement and lack of experience. If we together come to a concept that allows Promigion to take the lead for you we can give you a guarantee for succes.

Migreat! Optimal Collaboration with Maximal Control

Rather than manually distributing overviews, action lists and statics, Migreat! offers you realtime insight in your project portfolio on all levels. Migreat! brings PMO and Projectmanagement best practice, years of experience in the IT projects and technology together in one easy to use tool.

More About MiGreat!

About Us

Promigion B.V. was founded 1st of april 2015 in Amsterdam. The mission of Promigion is to serve our clients by (partly) taking over their IT migration activities in order to deliver the succesfull, transparant and in the most efficient way possible.