Migrating a landscape, whether as part of an upgrade, lifecycle management or a move to the Cloud in most cases reveals complexities no one had anticipated or had budgeted for or factored into the intended approach. More often than not this will result in set expectations not being met.



Our Migration framework delivers a highly qualified team. The team is fit for purpose and will consist of a mix of capable resources from your organisation as well as our Experienced resources for guidance. “Building high capacity bridges” together is our goal.

Required Competences

  • Solid programme management
  • Completely documented migration approach & process
  • Managed ramp-up plan for your migration factory
  • Continuous control & focus on delivery and overall progress
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Daily project management control

“Our mission is to share our knowledge when it comes to migrations and process improvements. With a common sense model, great colleagues a large network of self-employed individuals and a great tool we are confident we can turn every migration into a success “

Start your migration today!


Our experience proves that driving experienced teams to a clear and collective objective, showing progress and delivery according to plan to stakeholders is the key to success.

Teams can and should vary in size based upon assignment and goal. Based upon former engagements we can tell up front which resources with which skillset are required to drive towards success. This taking into account some resources might require time to get acquainted with our processes.